The WORLD pallet

The pallet of the future – with a Trademark known around the world. European companies in all sectors of industry, trade and logistics use WORLD brand 800 x 1200mm Europallets

The brand  was established at the beginning of 2008. The vision of the brand was to create a worldwide standard for pool pallets under uniform dimensions, to improve international movements between the European, American and Asian continents. Being a global market player, WORLD Pallets AG strengthened the market position with its innovative ideas. This is the first Trademark which started the serial-production of RFID wooden pallets, and its originality looks set to revolutionise the logistics market.

The mainstay of the WORLD brand is to provide a product with constant and irreproachable quality guidelines. In order to pursue excellence, WORLD co-operates with two powerful and internationally recognised third party quality auditing organisations, SGS Germany GmbH, which provides quality pallet assurance on the European market’s WORLD Europallets; and Timber Products Inspection, which performs primary independent pallets quality control in North and South America. Through SGS & TPI quality auditing WORLD commits to ensure its customers with the highest degree of product quality, uniformity and reliability.

In 2016 GS1 Germany described flat pallets made of wood (800 x 1200 mm)* in order to develop a recommendation for the loading tools (pallets) that can be used by suppliers in various sectors of trade, industry and by service providers. GS1 described the quality classes, the production, and quality auditing process of the four-way Europallets and defined the official organisation under which the Europallets can be produced in line with the standards. The WORLD Trademark is accepted as the officially licensed Trademark organisation under which can be produced flat pallets made of wood (800 x 1200 mm)* according to the Type description of GS1 Germany.

For more detailed information about Trademark WORLD please check or the webpage of its biggest and most powerful Pallets Manufacturer Falkenhahn AG