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As one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of valve regulated lead-acid batteries, Yuasa has a range of global manufacturing plants and an extensive marketing and distribution network throughout the UK and Europe.

Since the early part of the 20th century the organisation has been at the forefront of lead-acid battery technology, embracing new developments, applying research and investing in modern production plants to meet the challenges of a power hungry world.

Operating from a base in Ebbw Vale, Gwent, Yuasa Battery UK Ltd is the British home of the business and a substantial manufacturer of industrial batteries, producing approximately one million pieces a year.

This location can provide a wide range of solutions to the market for an array of applications including security and alarm systems, CCTV systems, UPS systems, emergency energy lighting systems, OEM electrical equipment, electronic applications, or any area where there is a need for a reliable long-life power source.

The Yuasa battery range provides what is possibly the widest choice of types from a single source to meet most known applications. In addition to the valve regulated lead-acid batteries for industrial applications, Yuasa also supply an extremely wide range of Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium Cells for electronic equipment manufacturers.

Looking at recent product developments, Yuasa Battery has launched a new long life standby 12V valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery that is designed especially for use in telecommunications power applications.

The new Endurance ENL100-12FT battery features a 15-year design life and has been designed from the ground up to fit into standard telecom equipment racks. Both terminals are at the front of the cell making it easier to connect batteries when situated in power cabinets. The battery shape is different from standard designs being longer and narrower so that just a single row of batteries is required in a telecoms rack.

Yuasa is also a major player in the automotive battery market – an industry it has been involved in for many years, selling Yuasa batteries and other well-known brands including Lucas, Tungstone, Crompton and Oldham throughout the UK and Europe. Yuasa is one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive batteries.

In this area, the company has recently launched its new Elite series of automotive batteries that combines the latest technological advances in battery design with maximum performance and durability.

Yuasa Elite is a range of six 12V automotive batteries offering capacities from 47 to 95Ah that covers approximately 80 per cent of cars and light vans in the UK. Elite batteries exceed the majority of OEM battery safety and performance standards, delivering optimum performance in all conditions.

The new batteries feature the most advanced battery technology available in the market today, containing additional premium active material to deliver superior performance and greatly increased service life compared to conventional batteries.

The Elite’s lid design meets and exceeds the latest German OEM safety standards for acid leakage under extreme conditions. All Yuasa Elite batteries feature a flame arrestor disc built into the lid to provide complete protection from external sparks. In addition, Elite batteries feature end venting that allows gases produced during charging to be piped to the atmosphere as specified and required by many vehicle manufacturers.

With higher demands being placed on the service life of automotive batteries, the new Elite range has been developed to typically cycle 25 per cent more than conventional batteries. Furthermore, Elite batteries also feature a useful charge indicator that gives an at-a-glance indication of the battery’s state of charge.

2007 represented a busy year for Yuasa in the UK – with the company’s industrial and automotive operations being integrated under one roof for the first time, the arrival of a new managing director, and the launch of these two exciting new products.

The successful completion of the process to integrate Yuasa Automotive Batteries Europe Ltd (formerly based in Birmingham) into Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd, means that the company’s sales and distribution operations are now entirely based in Ebbw Vale at its industrial production plant and marketing headquarters.

This integration should see a major step forward to improving the long-term operational efficiencies of both the automotive and industrial sales and distribution operations along with significantly contributing towards the company’s key objective to provide customers with high quality products and first class service.

Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd now offers a wide range of automotive and industrial battery products from its plant in South Wales. The company specialises in its own ‘Yuasa’ brand of automotive batteries supplied to key distributors throughout the UK and Europe. This programme is backed by the UK sales and service team dedicated to providing fast and effective customer support.Yuasa also has a battery charging facility at this manufacturing plant to help meet the flexibility and quality requirements of its customers.

Ongoing improvement in its manufacturing and distribution facilities, along with a European network of five wholly-owned companies, and the constant search by Yuasa to provide even more reliable power from smaller batteries, has resulted in the company’s current position and proud claim to be number one in Europe.

Yuasa Battery UK

Products: Industrial & automotive batteries
Sites: Ebbw Vale, South Wales
Employees: 420