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Air Lift Co. improves the suspensions on vehicles carrying or towing heavy loads with its lineof innovative air suspension systems.

By Russ Gager

When a vehicle tows a recreational vehicle or a pickup truck has a slide-in camper placed on it, the vehicle might sag because its suspension and leaf springs are not designed for a full load. Air Lift Co. manufactures air suspension kits that work in conjunction with the springs on such a vehicle to keep it operating at a safe height. It does this by varying the amount of air inside the air spring. The same sagging can happen when towing a trailer carrying horses or snowmobiles.

“People are becoming more aware of the need for our product,” President and CEO Kevin Mehigh observes. Sometimes, drivers don’t even realize they need suspension assistance. “We have to make them realize that squat isn’t normal,” Mehigh says. “Somebody might realize they have an issue, but they don’t know there is a solution.”

Air Lift Co.