APCT Inc. web photo

APCT diversified its client base and focused on speed to create a niche in the printed circuit board market.

By Tim O’Connor

More than 40 years after he started in the printed circuit board industry, APCT Inc. CEO and President, Steve Robinson is still leaning on the lessons he learned in the early days of his career from his father, Ralph Robinson. Ralph was one of the founders of the circuit board industry and gave Steve his first job in the market. “He really taught me the values and at 86 years old he’s still teaching me today,” Robinson says.

While working for his father, Robinson had roles in both the manufacturing and customer-facing sides of the company. The experience taught him to be sensitive to both the production and sales aspects of the business. From the start, his father instilled in Robinson that employees must have a passion for their work in order to earn a positive reputation from customers. “All those values that he taught me are still the same ones I run the business with today,” Robinson adds. “Most companies describe what they are, the capabilities they have, what they do. The focus of our company is sharing the qualities of who we are: our passion, our commitment and our dedication to maintain the ability to say ‘yes’ to our customer’s needs in both technology and in lead time.”