AutoCrib Inc.

AutoCrib Inc web photo

AutoCrib’s machines help companies keep track of tools and cut down on costs.

By Alan Dorich 

Keeping track of tools in a manufacturing plant can be a challenge, but AutoCrib Inc. offers an innovative solution. Based in Tustin, Calif., the company manufactures industrial vending machines that dispense products and help clients keep track of them, CEO Stephen Pixley says.

AutoCrib’s roots go back to the cutting tool distributorship Pixley formed in 1987. “I realized that [many] struggled with tracking tools on shop floors and who took them,” he recalls.

“Finding the tools when they needed them was an ongoing problem in manufacturing facilities,” he continues. “I would show up to a shop and they would ask me to jump in my truck and get another 20 of a certain tool when I knew I had delivered them the two days ago.”

AutoCrib Inc.