Burke Porter Machinery


New ownership is providing Burke Porter Machinery with the financial backing to expand its global intelligent machines business.

By Tim O’Connor

When manufacturers are managing a global footprint, they must take care not to lose sight of what local customers need. That flexibility is what sets Burke Porter Machinery apart from other makers of intelligent machines and testing systems, CEO David DeBoer says. “We build what the customers want,” he says. “We don’t push what we want to build.”

With 24 locations in 11 countries and a customer base that  spans the globe, Burke Porter understands it needs to be available whenever the customer comes calling. The company makes an effort to have 24-hour support wherever possible because a single downed machine can halt production at an entire factory. “Our goal is to be able to respond within 20 minutes on the phone and 24 hours in person,” DeBoer explains. “Our attitude is to leave our cell phones on at our nightstands when sleeping.”

Burke Porter Machinery