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Clinical Innovations’ dedicated staff and unique products set it
apart from its medical manufacturing peers.

By Jim Harris

Clinical Innovations’ manufacturing and assembly process typically runs so smoothly that it can be easy for management to take for granted. 

“When you look at the manufacturing schedule here, it’s almost like setting a clock – it’s repetitious and predictable,” Vice President of Operations Brian McRoberts says. “We have a very stable operation and have very few issues manufacturing-speaking, and that boils down to our people.”

The company has a highly dedicated staff and enjoys a low turnover rate. “Many of our people have been here for many, many years,” he adds. “They are really the strength of our business.”

Clinical Innovations’ staff plays a critical role in ensuring the quality of its products. “We leverage the stability in our manufacturing,” McRoberts says. “Our customers have a high view of our quality and that is because of our dedicated workforce.”

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