Davis Wire Corp.


Davis Wire Corp. owes its long history of success to its devotion to quality and advanced technology.

By Chris Petersen

At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be anything all that complicated about steel wire. But the product’s simple appearance belies the versatility of its applications as well as the technical expertise that goes into its fabrication. No one understands this better than Davis Wire Corp., which has been providing galvanized steel wire products to customers in a wide range of industries since 1928. Even though wire is viewed as a commodity, Davis Wire continually has found ways to set itself apart from its competitors through state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, a diverse product line and top-notch customer service.

Davis Wire is one of the nation’s largest producers of steel wire, with two manufacturing facilities on the West Coast. The company’s products are used in numerous applications, from agriculture to manufacturing of consumer goods. “We go from basic industrial wire to bedsprings, shopping carts, all the way down to stucco netting that goes into home construction,” Corporate Controller Hak Kim explains.

Davis Wire Corp.