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Design Ready Controls grows by leaps and bounds every year by recruiting talented engineers to leverage automation on the manufacturing floor.

By Stephanie Crets

As the premier supplier of control panel solutions for OEMs since 1989, Design Ready Controls (DRC) is constantly growing and innovating. The company has grown more than 25 percent every year since 2003, when President Troy Schmidtke took over. Back then, the company was a small family run operation with just a few employees, according to Schmidtke. But once DRC won its first large OEM customer, it was able to develop and leverage its automation technology and grow the engineering capabilities.

“That was a springboard to where we are today,” Schmidtke says. “We focused diligently on automation, operational excellence and people – with the last being the most important. We’ve done a lot of recruiting, engineering and training and really see that as a key differentiator in the marketplace. We’ve found talent and leveraged it to its fullest to be successful.”

Design Ready Controls