Federal Foam Technologies Inc.


Federal Foam Technologies innovates in the production of a wide variety of flexible materials used in

off-road equipment and many other industries’ products.

By Russ Gager

When operating powerful off-road agricultural or construction equipment, noise is an unavoidable byproduct. But it can be mitigated successfully by many materials that are innovatively designed and carefully manufactured, such as those from Federal Foam Technologies Inc. The company specializes in many different types of engineered products designed and manufactured for a wide variety of industries instead of just being foam-fabricated.

“Our products are extremely diverse and have the fabricating technologies to support our flexible materials, but we’ve also expanded our business into the form and trim parts to give us a broader capability base,” President Wyman Smith emphasizes. “So we can go to the customer with a fuller array of services and supplies.”

The company’s form and trim offerings include cab head liners and parts that are rigid but have a softer feel, such as rear door panels and fender covers for off-road equipment. “You can push on it and it has a soft feel, but structurally it’s rigid,” Smith explains.

Federal Foam Technologies Inc.