Fetzer Architectural Woodwork


Fetzer continues to take advantage of a booming market for architectural woodwork. By Chris Kelsch

Although much has changed in manufacturing since Fetzer Architectural Woodwork was founded in 1909, surprisingly little has changed within the walls of the company during that time. That’s because the recipe for success remains the same as it did more than a century ago: extreme attention to detail, combined with an artisan’s approach to manufacturing architectural woodwork for buildings and retail centers throughout the globe.

That artisan’s approach has paid dividends, as Fetzer has grown to become one of the largest millwork companies in the United States. However, the process of refining that artisan’s touch does not come without its challenges.

“Because of the degree of detail involved, there are processes that automation simply can’t solve,” Fetzer President and CEO Joe Wixom states. “For this work, you simply can’t replicate the work done by a skilled craftperson’s hand.”

Fetzer Architectural Woodwork