Imagineering Finishing Technologies


Imagineering Finishing Technologies’ component coating and finishing capabilities help its customers achieve difficult goals including space exploration. By Jim Harris

Imagineering Finishing Technologies’ (IFT) capabilities go far beyond the simple coating and painting of parts. “We do not provide decorative coatings which only need to be visually appealing,” says Jim Hammer, president and CEO of the South Bend, Ind.-based company. “We apply functional, precision coatings for parts that absolutely cannot fail.”

IFT has earned the reputation as the KnowledgeSource™ for metal finishing and testing solutions. “We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their needs and critical performance objectives to solve wear and corrosion concerns to improve performance and extend the useful life of manufactured components,” Vice President of Technical Services Dan Englebert says. “With the assistance of our global supplier-partnership network we provide our clients with a competitive advantage in the markets that they serve.“

For the company, this includes treating metal parts and components used in a number of critical applications. One recent example of the company’s capabilities is its collaborating with aerospace giants Boeing and Lockheed to coat and treat parts used in NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS). IFT modified its Indianapolis facility to accommodate large treatment tanks that can process rocket parts of 18 feet or more in diameter. The SLS is the platform for launching rockets including the Orion manned spacecraft into space for exploring the underside of the moon as well as Mars.

Imagineering Finishing Technologies