Koso America Inc.

A modular approach to the assembly of valves and actuators for industrial uses enables Koso America to shorten lead times. Additionally, improvements in training and lean manufacturing methods have enabled the company to double its throughput in the same space.

“We supply equipment to the process controls industries,” President and CEO Sam Lalos explains. “The four core vertical industries we serve are the power industry, the oil and gas industry, the mining or metals industries combined, and also the water and wastewater industries. Most of those applications are actuators mounted on control valves.”

Lalos lists highly repeatable, precise control and the ability for continuous duty as being key competitive advantages of the company’s electrohydraulic actuators. Also, Rexa’s design includes a mechanical fail-safe option, which is required by most customers in the event of power failure. 

“Two other really important aspects of the competitive advantage include the amount of thrust and power that we can deliver and the difference in the weight of the device that drives the valve or the damper,” Director of Business Development Wallace Lueders points out. “We have an extremely high level of force that can be delivered when it’s required, much more so than other technologies.”

That force can be delivered without the large pump and motor assemblies that run constantly in central hydraulic systems. “Our electrohydraulic actuator is a totally sealed system,” Lueders notes. 

Koso America Inc.