Malco Products Inc.


Malco Products works hard to ensure its specialty tools live up to the company’s high standards.

By Jim Harris

Malco Products Inc. works closely with its vendors, distributors and customers, among others, to ensure that its products live up to its company tagline of “work, perform, outlast.”

Our tools are known for their high quality and for lasting a long time,” says Mardon Quandt, president of the Annandale, Minn.-based manufacturer. “We’re also known for new product innovation – we’re always out there with contractors doing research and helping them come up with products that help them better do their jobs.”

The company is the country’s leading manufacturer of hand tools and fasteners used by HVAC installers and service professionals as well as specialty tools used by exterior remodeling professionals. Malco in recent years has diversified into the fence, deck and rail, and automotive repair markets.

Malco Products Inc.