Marisco Ltd.

Marisco Ltd. might be on an island unto itself, but it doesn’t let that fact stand in the way of getting its work done. The Kapolei, Hawaii-based company was founded in 1972 and has grown into Hawaii’s premier industrial and marine services company, providing a wide range of ship repair services to government and commercial entities. 

Founder and President Alfred Anawati has grown Marisco over the years by operating on one simple business philosophy: “Provide a quality job, do it in a timely manner and do it at a reasonable price,” he states. “If you remember these three things, everything else is taken care of.”

Anawati has set the company up in a way that naturally produces those three factors. By developing in-house skills and services, Marisco can control its ship repairing process and guarantee that work is done correctly. 

“Doing things in-house gives us better control on the project,” Anawati explains. “We endeavor to put a quality product out there and sometimes working with subcontractors, you don’t end up with the result you wanted.”

On its four acres of land, the company employs a number of men and women who work as mechanics, riggers, machinists, welders, fitters, blaster/painters, pipefitters and a variety of other disciplines. 

Marisco Ltd.