McFarlane Manufacturing Co.


McFarlane Manufacturing Co. builds agricultural tillage equipment and fabricates structural steel as a means of diversifying its manufacturing efforts. By Russ Gager

Most of agriculture relies on something growing from a seed, but to do that, the seed has to be planted successfully. Preparing soil for planting in as few operations as possible is the goal of the agricultural tillage equipment designed and manufactured by third-generation, family owned McFarlane Manufacturing Co.

“We consider ourselves to be the seedbed specialist,” explains Todd Lassanske, general manager of the manufacturing division. “We’re preparing the seedbed before planting, which improves the productivity, robustness and maintenance of the soil by integrating the residues from the prior year.”

Incorporating the residues of corn stalks, soybeans and wheat into the ground in the fall, spring or both so they can decompose and fertilize the soil is the specialty of most of the equipment McFarlane manufactures. The equipment is designed to do several jobs so the number of times a farmer has to pull equipment through his fields with a tractor is reduced.

McFarlane Manufacturing Co.