MTR Martco


With 50 years of manufacturing experience, MTR Martco not only builds new equipment, but also refurbishes outdated component parts for a longer lifespan and better end-product.

By Stephanie Crets     

MTR Martco specializes in building, rebuilding and updating component parts and equipment for the steel and paper industries. When a manufacturer needs a new part for a machine, MTR Martco sends its engineering experts to assess what is needed. In most cases, repairing or rebuilding a piece of equipment can save customers time and money.

Founded in 1967, MTR Martco is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the steel and paper industries. Owner and President Ray McIntosh says the company is grateful for so many years of success. “We’ve got a few things planned – advertisements, tradeshows we’re going to do – just to let people know it’s been 50 years,” he says.

MTR Martco