Narcote web photo

Exceptional performance in the development of highly technical textile solutions has made Narcote a key partner for companies in multiple industries.

By Eric Slack

Started in 1955 as a division of a large fiber company, Narcote has built its presence by providing a number of markets with technical textile solutions. Spun off as separate entity in 1996, the company is based in Tennessee and also works with manufacturing partners in Asia. Today, Narcote serves the consumer, industrial, automotive, medical and military market segments.

Until 1997, Narcote was primarily a manufacturer of PVC coatings, but at that time it brought on additional finishing capacity, including state-of-the-art lamination. The company now engineers a wide array of innovative fabrics with both synthetic and natural fibers. These include both circular and warp knits, regular and stretch wovens, and light to heavyweight non-wovens. Narcote can also provide waterproof barrier films, coatings and multiple other finishes such as nano water resistant repellants, antimicrobial and antibacterial.