Polymer Technologies Inc.


Polymer plans to follow the path to more success after serving Boeing and the U.S. military.

By Alan Dorich

Polymer Technologies Inc. specializes in being a resource to its clients, President Robert Prybutok says. “Where we really excel is in customer service, technical support, holding customers’ hands and solving their problems,” he says.

Based in Newark, Del., Polymer manufactures noise-reduction materials, molded foam products and vibration isolators. A longtime veteran of the industry, Prybutok founded the company in 1989 after working for Specialty Composites. “We grew that company into one of the leading suppliers of acoustical and thermal products to the OEM marketplace,” he recalls.

He left the company in April 1989 and started Polymer in an empty warehouse six months later. “Our game plan during that first year was to put equipment in place, develop a manufacturing capability and begin to sell product,” he recalls.

Polymer Technologies Inc.