Reflectix Inc.

Reflectix Inc. web photo

Reflectix Inc. manufactures reflective insulation at its 60,000-square-foot facility in Indiana.

By Russ Gager

When given a choice of travel cups to put their hot beverages in, many people will choose a stainless steel interior over one with plastic. This is an example of how reflective technology keeps heat in. The same principle is used by the reflective insulations manufactured by Reflectix Inc.

“Our product is like a thermos jug,” President Dale Tokarski explains. “That environment keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. So if a region of the country like the Southwest is a very hot climate, our product is reflecting that radiant heat out. In another part of the country where it’s a cooler climate, it’s used to keep that heat in. It’s pointing inward and outward – we have foil on both sides of many of our products.”

For maximum effectiveness, the reflective foil also needs an air space. “The air does a couple things,” Vice President of Technical Services Monty Millspaugh points out. “It provides some thermal resistance and also separates the two layers of reflective surface, especially in metal buildings and in packaging. When the temperature differential gets large, having that air in between the foils really does a lot to help in preventing condensation.”

Reflectix Inc.