Riverdale Mills


From manufacturing welded wire mesh and proprietary PVC coating to performance testing, Riverdale Mills does everything in-house to ensure the highest-quality engineered products for their customers. By Bianca Herron

Riverdale Mills Corporation manufactures more than 3,500 configurations of welded wire mesh for the marine, aquaculture, security, and construction and farming industries.

“We invented Aquamesh®, the welded wire mesh used for building lobster traps, crab traps, aquaculture trays and other subsea applications,” says CEO Jim Knott Jr., proudly noting that 80 percent of all lobster traps built in North America are made with Aquamesh. 

“Today Riverdale Mills is equally known for its galvanized and PVC-coated wire mesh products for the high security and construction industries,” Knott says. “Our WireWall® high-security fencing protects the employees at the U.S. Embassy in Panama, commuters at the L.A. and San Diego transit systems, the Port of San Francisco, and the service men and women at military bases in Virginia and California. WireWall is a virtually impenetrable, high security fencing material that is nearly impossible to climb or cut.”

Riverdale Mills