Specialty Steel Treating Inc.


Sixty-year-old Specialty Steel Treating offers a variety of heat-treating methods for specialized parts used in everything from aerospace to automotive.

By Russ Gager

Heat-treating is a way of strenghtening metal, and the demands on parts handled by Specialty Steel Treating Inc. are always increasing. “There’s a whole array of different heat-treat processes and applications,” Vice President Mark Sosnowski explains. “You heat-treat to strengthen parts for their planned service life.”

Among the processes offered by Specialty Steel Treating are gas and vacuum carburization; press-and-plug, roller and bath oil quenching; vacuum heat-treating,normalizing,carbonitriding and gas nitriding; and neutral and precipitation hardening. The company serves a variety of industries: 40 percent aerospace, 25 percent industrial, 10 percent truck, 8 percent heavy equipment, 7 percent rail, 5 percent automotive and 5 percent firearms.

Specialty Steel Treating Inc.