Teale Machine Co. Inc.


Teale Machine specializes in machining complex pieces for its clients.

By Alan Dorich

Diversity is a way of life at Teale Machine Co. Inc., President and owner Mike LaRock says. “We can service our customers with an array of programs,” he states. “We will produce and stock a customer’s required [product] as they see fit.”

Rochester, N.Y.-based Teale Machine manufactures parts for airplane engines, automobiles, (fuel delivery and automatic transmissions), gas emissions products, pumps and solenoids. “We also machine almost all types of raw materials, [including] all copper alloys, all steel alloys, most stainless and high-temp alloys,” LaRock says.

Brothers-in-law Henry Teale and Henry Gaudriot founded the company in 1943 as the first Davenport-equipped screw machine shop in Rochester. Several years later, Teale Machine designed a building to allow for the efficient production of socket screws with automatic oil filtration, chip handling and process flow capabilities.

Teale Machine Co. Inc.