Torque Transmission


Torque Transmission works closely with customers to design components that meet their every requirement.

By Tim O’Connor

When it comes to manufacturing, Torque Transmission’s customers have as much of a role in designing products as the company’s own engineers. Before it begins production, the power transmission components manufacturer works with customers to nail down requirements and determine what materials and design would best fit the need. President John W. Rampe says the process boils down to learning the customer’s  need and figuring out what Torque Transmission must do to help solve their problem. “For us to design the best possible product, we need to work in tandem with their design group,” he says.

Sometimes those collaborations help Torque Transmission realize a demand in the market and a custom component becomes a permanent part of its product lineup. About 70 percent of the company’s sales come from its standardized timing pulleys, roller chain sprockets, gearboxes, multi-v pulleys, and thrust bearings, the remaining thirty percent is specially made for the customer. “If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our standard product line, let us know because most times we’re able to modify our standard product to fit your needs,” Rampe says.

Torque Transmission