Wabash National


Wabash National’s lean manufacturing culture and diversification efforts are helping the trailer manufacturer to serve the carrier industry better than ever before.

By Tim O’Connor

As the economy began to recover from the Great Recession of the late 2000s, the companies that weathered the economic storm all began to ask the same question: How do we protect ourselves from the next downturn? For semi-trailer manufacturer Wabash National, the answer was diversification.

“Our CEO felt it was critical to grow in areas outside our core markets,” says Brent Yeagy, group president of the Commercial Trailer Products group. “We’ve done so through the acquisitions of the Walker and Brenner business in 2012 as well as the Beall acquisition in 2013. That allowed Wabash National to expand into the tank trailer market in the transportation space.”

Wabash National