Zodiac Aerospace


Zodiac Aerospace manufactures aerospace equipment, systems and interiors for commercial and business aircraft. By Stephanie Crets

As a world leader in the aerospace industry, Zodiac Aerospace manufactures state-of-the-art aerospace equipment and highly technological systems on board commercial regional, business and military aircrafts, and helicopters to boost their performance and enhance flight safety. The company also supplies fully integrated cabin interiors, which is everything passengers see when they board an airplane. 

Cynthia Raynor, CEO of the Advanced Composites and Engineered Materials Division, joined the company 22 years ago. Her division manufactures prepregs, honeycomb core, honeycomb panels, formulated resins, engineered plastics, metal details and structural carbon composites. “We’re a highly vertical integrated company,” she says. “This gives us the ability to provide everything from raw materials to component, to assemblies, as well as fully integrated cabin interiors, systems and structures

Raynor oversees several manufacturing sites located in Thailand, Tunisia, France, the United States and Mexico, all of which manufacture a lot of the raw materials and some assemblies used throughout all of Zodiac Aerospace, as well as providing directly to the OEMs. “We’re delivering highly engineered products with superior quality and delivering them on time, every time is a must,” Raynor says.

Zodiac Aerospace