BvL announces the design of a manufacturing cell where the machining center and cleaning system are supplied by a robot

Clever cleaning

Several automotive suppliers use decentralized cleaning in their production to reduce personnel hours and costs, however, these solutions do not have to be complex and expensive.

The OceanRW cleaning system from BvL is a small, conventional single-tank cleaning system that uses the turntable principle.

“It is important to us to design the perfect cleaning system for customers,” explains Bernd Menke, Sales Manager at BvL Oberflächentechnik. “The entire process, the logistics and also the automation play just as important a role as the satisfaction of the system operators. In this case, we were able to implement the perfect process with a small cleaning system: an optimum solution that is neither too complex nor too expensive – all while relieving the employees in production.

“BvL can implement a great variety of solutions and integrate these in the customer’s production line. Our consulting and competence benefit greatly from a wide range of experiences,” he explains.