Discover how Abbey Group safeguards lives around the world with its revolutionary Securablinds innovation 

From planning and development, to prototyping, manufacturing, and testing, Abbey Group leverages teams of skilled engineers and cutting-edge technology to consistently deliver tailored solutions for its clients. Renowned for its quality services and material handling Abbey Group is a finished product specialist operating across diverse industries globally, including the automotive, nuclear, rail, security, warehousing, energy, and structural steel sectors. Central to Abbey Group’s success has been its flexibility in meeting clients’ needs and its dedication to the science of engineering. In fact, the company prides itself on its versatility, boasting capabilities ranging from traditional metal fabrication to precision engineering. Whether serving large multinational companies or small UK-based businesses, Abbey Group’s precision-driven ethos enables it to scope, plan and execute projects swiftly and accurately, regardless of scale or budget. 

Adam Kelly, Managing Director, provides a comprehensive overview of the business. “Abbey Group is a group of three companies that all have their own specialties: engineering and manufacturing, procurement and site services, and textile manufacturing. The latter also operates an international logistics team with well-known blue-chip companies. Over the last few years, our manufacturing and engineering division has undergone significant transformation, driven by the adoption of lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvements. Through the implementation of daily management systems, we have built high-performing teams and established a seamless flow with our integrated production planning system. Hence, Abbey Group offers a full turnkey engineering and manufacturing solution, presenting a multitude of capabilities from its Knowsley site. 

Patented products 

“Our expertise spans various areas, including design, laser cutting, press brakes, fabrication, welding, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling and turning, powder coating, and assembly. Presently, our engineering and manufacturing division turns over £6.5 million per annum, reflecting a 21 percent growth over the last 18 months. Although we mainly serve businesses in the Northwest of the UK, we also engage in contracts internationally,” he informs. 

Through its focus on continuous improvement, Abbey Group has won multiple awards in the last two years. This includes three awards in one year at the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) Awards Ceremony, which were the Manufacturing Excellence Award, CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility), and Company of the Year Award. In 2023, Abbey Group won the Medium Sized Business of the Year Award at the Knowsley Business Awards. This is the second time it has claimed this prize in the last five years. In May 2024, it was awarded Engineering Company of the Year for the North West Prestige Awards and it has been put through to the National Innovation Awards. 

One testament to Abbey’s unrivaled engineering versatility and know-how, is the fact that its bomb blast and security blinds have already been installed in many significant places, such as a UN building in Lebanon. “Accredited to the highest level of Intruder Prevention by the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) and approved for use by the UK Government, our patented Securablinds product range can be retrofitted and is tested and approved for bomb blast protection. Our Securablinds range is used in areas requiring high-level security window protection, such as data centers, government buildings, embassies, and properties belonging to high-net-worth individuals. Notably, our blast blinds are cleverly designed to utilize the force of the blast wave pressure to automatically close the blinds, meaning they remain operational without ever needing manual intervention. Subsequently, the blades of the blind absorb the impact of the blast wave and redirect the pressure towards the source of the blast. Consequently, all shrapnel and glass are sent outside, effectively safeguarding the people and assets within the building. 

Recent partnership

“In 2014, we successfully installed our blast blinds at a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) site in Lebanon, located near the devastating harbor explosion that happened in Beirut in 2020. This marked the first real-world deployment of our blinds beyond blast testing, and they performed exactly as intended, saving the lives of UN staff members in the building. The blast tragically claimed the lives of over 200 people in the area and left 7000 more injured. Following this heartbreaking event, additional Securablinds products were installed at the site to protect other rooms. Besides, Abbey has installed these blinds in banks, military bases, police headquarters, Ministry of Defense (MoD) sites, national infrastructure control rooms, transport headquarters, schools, colleges, museums, and apartments,” Adam unveils. 

Abbey has recently formed a partnership with Saab, for which its textile manufacturing unit has become a manufacturing partner in the UK. Adam describes what this partnership entails. “Abbey’s textile manufacturing business has achieved a turnover of £3.3 million within just over 12 months since its establishment. After this successful start, we have been selected to manufacture the Mobile Camouflage Systems (MCS) for Saab’s UK MoD vehicles deployed in combat. Furthermore, our experienced logistics team efficiently moves parts globally not only for Saab, but also for other businesses. To alleviate the tediousness of international logistics, we offer a unique and comprehensive turnkey logistics service to businesses. As part of that, Abbey plans the transportation from each site to the nearest docks, handling all necessary paperwork, licenses, and other shipping requirements. Lastly, we expedite the customs process to ensure fast delivery of products to their destinations,” he explains. 

On that note, Adam reveals that Abbey is working with HMRC on a new Freeport Facility set to enhance its operations. “Within our logistics operations, our team strives to employ most advantageous customs regime available to minimize duty, tax, and VAT, where applicable. In doing so, Abbey empowers clients to save a significant amount of money, as incorrect procedures could result in the payment of unnecessary duty and VAT in certain cases. This is where our Freeport facility steps in. We utilize our own Freeport facility to support these operations, which grants us a trusted trader status with customs, thereby expediting processing at the docks. Additionally, our Freeport site is the first in the UK to be allowed to also serve as a processing plant, an achievement of which we are immensely proud,” he ends. 

Through continuous dedication to innovative engineering solutions, prioritizing safety, and fostering strategic partnerships, Abbey looks forward to engaging in more projects and further expanding its global presence.