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Driving innovation through filtration and flow control, Mott Corporation is a global engineering force to be reckoned with 

For over six decades, Mott Corporation has been the go-to solution for complex filtration and flow-control problems throughout the aerospace, energy, chip-making, and healthcare industries. From custom-designed parts to a range of expertly engineered filters and fluid flow products, the company is known for its second-to-none engineering capabilities. You won’t see its products, but it helps some of the biggest brands in the world build phones, produce clean energy, and protect the United States. 

Since its foundation in 1959 by metallurgist Lambert (Bud) H. Mott, the Mott Corporation has experienced numerous evolutions. Now an employee-owned and -operated business, the company has over 30,000 engineering innovations under its belt. Built upon a promise of ‘Ironclad Reliability’, Mott Corporation has forged strong customer relationships with brands in over 70 countries across the world. 

The secret to Mott Corporation’s success seems to be its people. An avid curiosity about the way things work has ensured the company’s products and solutions are a cut above the rest. CEO Boris Levin says: “The fact that we are an employee-owned company is a big part of our success. Everyone comes to work with a real sense of pride, and we are driven to make the best, most reliable products while providing our customers world class service and support.” 

As specialists in engineered filtration and flow control solutions, Mott Corporation can serve a range of different industries. Its clients include semiconductor manufacturers, green hydrogen companies, water filtration companies, advanced medical device companies, the food and beverage industry, and chemical refineries. By adapting some of its core capabilities to new industries, the company has also helped to produce components for defense, space exploration and aerospace vehicles. With such an expansive variety of potential applications, Mott Corporation’s expertise has been able to grow and adapt into exciting new sectors, providing technical support to some of the world’s largest manufacturers and engineers. Amongst its most famous accomplishments are implantable devices for safe pharmaceutical delivery, being a part of the Mars Rover, and ground-breaking clean water technology. 

Taking innovative engineering concepts, and turning them into practical, implementable solutions, is no small order. The process begins with prototypes – Mott Corporation engineers will prove their concept by testing trial products against a variety of different variables. From the very beginning, two-way collaboration is at the heart of their work. Clients are invited to Mott’s Customer Innovation Center, where they will be able to assess and evaluate the prototypes alongside a team of experts. Once the prototype is approved, it moves into mass production. 

For Mott Corporation, this kind of innovation is a daily occurrence. The company expands its offering of materials and technologies on a regular basis, demonstrating an immense capacity for creation. As the company website describes: “At our Customer Innovation Center, Fortune 500 companies and startups alike are creating what doesn’t exist yet. We work with our clients – engineer to engineer – and dive into solving the target application. We invest in new capabilities to meet tomorrow’s needs.”  

State-of-the-art manufacturing  

As an international brand, Mott Corporation has a presence across the globe. From its US sites in Connecticut and Michigan, and its European site in Milan, Italy, the company can serve customers based across the US, Latin America, Europe and India. Bringing these concepts to life is Mott Corporation’s dedicated production team, based in Farmington, Connecticut. This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is complete with on-site porous metal fabrication and welding capabilities, CNC machinery, and ancillary services such as passivation and surface coating. The unit also contains ISO Class 5 and Class 7 clean rooms, supporting semiconductor, biotech and medical production. 

With leading-edge facilities and a team of in-house experts, it comes as no surprise that Mott Corporation has seen ongoing success in the last 12 months. In February 2023, the company announced it was opening a brand-new 65,000 square-foot facility near its production headquarters in Connecticut. This will bring over 100 new jobs to the local area and was followed up by an investment in the company’s clean energy efforts, developing technology that allows for the generation of green hydrogen on a large scale. This was a huge accomplishment for the business, as it has been a leading developer of hydrogen-based technology for over a decade. Upon announcing the expansion, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Boris Levin enthused: “This investment will bolster Connecticut’s role as a home for innovation in clean energy, one of the fastest-growing industries there is.” 

The following month, Mott Corporation proudly acquired Digested Organics, a Michigan-based engineering group, known for its advanced filtration services and water reclamation solutions. With this acquisition, Mott Corporation was able to expand its work in the clean water sector, creating systems that produce drinkable water from waste streams.  

Community commitment 

In May 2023, Mott Corporation entered another exciting and exclusive partnership, this time with advanced wastewater treatment experts, Zwitter Co. This collaboration allows both companies to provide filtration solutions to the North American agricultural sector, as well as breweries and distilleries. 

Mott’s diverse product lines and high precision manufacturing capacity make it an important part of the United States’ ability to build the industries of the future and strengthen domestic supply chains, which are also key to national security. 

Alongside its major commercial wins, engineering feats, and expansion into new sectors, Mott Corporation has also seen a different kind of success. Every year, the company supports vulnerable members of its local community through its philanthropic work. Partnering with the Wheeler Clinic, Mott Corporation funded the rollout of a new community health outreach program, providing dedicated care workers to individuals with complex care needs. Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to its people and a better future for all, Mott Corporation plans to invest in the further development of green energy, aerospace, clean water and healthcare science solutions throughout 2024.