Matusewicz is galvanising the future

Matusewicz Budowa Maszyn sp. j. was founded in 1993 – since then the company has been involved in the treatment of plastics and extra-fine steel.

The business specialises in building printed plates, treatment lines and galvanising plants. In addition to steel and plastic, the company has experience in treating a number of other materials, such as aluminum, titanium and non-ferrous metals. Furthermore, the organisation also produces tools and elements for use in chemical processes.

As a family-run company, Matusewicz has grown rapidly over the years. In 2000, the business built a new shop and administrative floor, which consisted of 5000 square metres, and met all the conditions necessary for offering the highest quality production and services. In the same year, the company employed a number of new engineers and therefore broadened its design capacity.

In 2002, after diligent preparations, the organisation began producing complete galvanising lines. Over the next few years the company grew rapidly, and gained more national and foreign contracts. In 2004, Matusewicz’s production site in Wroclaw started offering chrome and nickel coating services to its clients, for use on old machines, using two modern galvanising lines produced at the business’ site in Gryfów. At present, Matusewicz is working on several projects for Polish businesses and other foreign companies in Europe and Asia.

Marta Matusewicz, financial auditor for the business comments: “It is the company’s 15th birthday this year and we plan to celebrate this in June by inviting our employees, customers and partners to a special event, which will be held at our main site in Gryfów.”

She continues: “This event is just one example of how we value our relationships with our customers. We have developed strong partnerships with them, and they visit our facilities on a regular basis. It is very important for us to ensure our clients know we are developing our products and solutions to meet their exact requirements. Therefore, we are continually talking to them, which also enables us to stay one step ahead of the competition.”

For Matusewicz, one of the most important factors in achieving customer satisfaction is quality. The company’s quality policy looks to continuously strive to meet its clients’ needs by achieving high standards. This should be across all areas of the company, including machine construction, the production of sub-systems and post-production services. In addition to this, the business is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2000. Furthermore, the business is aiming to achieve the environment management system ISO 14001 standard in the next few years.

The business’ focus on quality is helping to achieve Matusewicz’s main goals, including client and employee satisfaction, and the strengthening of its market position. Through the use of the most recent technological solutions and the belief that responsibility for quality, image and brand name lies within its employees, who deal with clients and requests on a regular basis, Matusewicz continuously encourages its personnel to gain new qualifications. As a result, the company can fulfill the requirements of its quality policy.

With a highly skilled workforce in place, the company is able to provide its clients with galvanising products, which are unrivalled in the Polish marketplace. Matusewicz offers its customers complete solutions, which include the design, build and installation of the equipment, and also excellent after-sales services. In addition, the company provides repair and coating services for older machines, which may not have been built by Matusewicz. As a result of this outstanding offering, the organisation has worked on a number of large projects, which can last from three months up to one year.

Looking at a specific recent contract, Marta comments: “One of our most successful projects was for a Polish company, which manufactures helicopters in Europe. For this contract, we developed a complete galvanising plant, which had 18 processing lines and is one of the best plants in Europe. Completed in 2007, this project was extremely important to us because we were working with a very well known company and using some of the best technology available in Europe.”

In addition to developing complete solutions in its manufacturing facility in Gryfów, Matusewicz has its own galvanising plant in Wroclaw, which is a fairly new part of the company. This site offers galvanising services, for both individual and large orders. Here, the business makes galvanic coats, which meet both European and car industry standards. By using its own machinery, the organisation is able to achieve high resistance to corrosion and great decorative effects.

Matusewicz is currently very strong in the Polish galvanising market. Today, the company is looking to venture further a field, as Marta explains: “We are now preparing to offer more products to the European market as we want to increase our presence in this area. Furthermore, we are also looking to undertake projects in Eastern Europe in countries like Russia. To help us achieve this, we are planning to take part in a number of exhibitions to increase the awareness of our business.”

By continuing to offer quality products, a skilled and experienced workforce and a wide range of services within the galvanising sector, it is clear that Matusewicz has a strong future ahead. Marta concludes: “The main focus for company over the next few years is to maintain the high quality our products have become known for. To help us achieve this, we have to ensure that all our mployees are fully qualified in e each area they work within. We are currently offering extensive training programmes so they can improve their experience and expertise. Furthermore, we are also trying to attract young people to work for Matusewicz by offering complete training schemes within the company.”


Products: Galvanizing plants
Sites: Wroclaw & Gryfów Âlàski in Poland
Employees: 180