Multi-generational manufacturer of bar and hospitality equipment, Krowne, is transforming the industry 

Founded over 75 years ago, Krowne is the largest manufacturer of bar equipment, beverage dispensing systems, and plumbing products in the US. The company’s long and storied history spans across multiple generations, as co-owner, Kyle Forman, begins by explaining: “When my grandfather purchased Krowne, it was a small regional operation, primarily focused on the bar equipment sector that manufactured and sold basic bar equipment, ice bins and other similar items. They continued building the business and its manufacturing capacity at a steady rate for nearly 40 years, which is when my father came in and bought them out, alongside his business partner, Frank Bastante. The two of them really took Krowne to the next level. The brand expanded nationally, and alongside they added a whole host of new and different product categories, far and beyond bar equipment.” 

Under new ownership, Krowne expanded into refrigeration, faucets, gas connectors, and a variety of other categories that are offered in today’s market. Through different sales streams, the company built up a broader customer base, though many of the businesses that it initially began working with remain loyal customers to this day. 

Over the past ten years, the business has grown dramatically by focusing on innovation and product expansion. Krowne has invested substantially in new technology, to support more efficient operations across the business. For example, it has industry-leading augmented reality product configurators, which are used in the design phases of building a bar or beverage dispensing system and configuring a faucet in real time. It also has improved the quality of its equipment across the board, offering the highest quality equipment to its customers. 

Krowne has recently announced the opening of its state-of-the-art headquarters that is equipped with 3D printers, robotic automation, a fully operating bar, and multiple collaboration hubs for its employees to collaborate and consult on new product concepts. Underlying the success of this project is a huge investment in technology, including expansion into automated processes that help support teams to do what they do best. Krowne has unveiled its largest expansion to date involving a $20 million plan to construct a brand new ‘smart factory’ in New Jersey, aimed to be fully automated, helping build up capacity and produce more refined end-products. 

Under the newest generation of leadership, both Kyle Forman and his partner, Paul Bastante, are focused on taking the company to the next level. Moving forward, Kyle ruminates on what makes the company unique, and how it will fare in the future: “As the company has continued to grow, our goal has been to get the best people in the industry working at Krowne. Having the right team is so valuable, especially when you’re in an industry that is driven by technology and innovation. It’s been a priority for the business for many years, and it’s still something we are focused on today.” 

Krowne is a real one-stop-shop for businesses in the hospitality sector. You can find bar equipment, refrigeration units, and beverage dispensing systems complete with custom towers. It also offers back-of-house equipment, such as hand sinks, casters, and gas hoses. Regardless of product, it provides cutting-edge best-in-class quality and customer service across the board. Kyle concludes: “It’s all about using that technology to support our growing team of innovators – that’s what makes Krowne capable of launching such cutting-edge products and really moving the market, and it’s what will continue to set us apart in the future.”