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Established in 1985, Wropol Engineering manufactures parts and units for the mining, quarrying, construction and railway industries, mainly producing hydraulic cylinders and valves for direct selling to manufacturers in mining and agriculture.

Based in Lutynia (near Wroclaw), Poland, the independent company has become synonymous with excellence in the completion of difficult assignments and is a market leader in Poland where it has an exceptional reputation in the mining industry, which comprises the main part of its activities.

The company designs and manufactures a wide array of parts including hydraulic cylinders of different types, hydraulic supports and intensifiers, hydraulic valves (cut-off, non return, throttle and non return, controlled non return), hydraulic units, hydraulic power systems for machines and units with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control and special construction such as vibration isolation cabins. Its highly processed products are manufactured on modern CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools in turning and milling centres by highly qualified, experienced staff and the quality of the company’s products is achieved through their ergonomic design, durability, and technical and protection coatings.

Wropol has specialised in the manufacture of power hydraulic parts for domestic and foreign customers for over 20 years, accumulating a plethora of experience and expertise. The company’s different divisions specialise in various areas of manufacturing and engineering in order to offer customers a complete, expert service in a way that best serves the client.

In order to ensure manufacturing efficiency, Wropol employs a just-in-time policy whereby it manufactures on demand and no stock is stored on site for long periods of time, allowing the company to work effectively whilst minimising outgoings. It constantly strives to provide products and services of high quality, and is certified to ISO 9001 quality standards. The business is currently investing in new equipment in an effort to upgrade its production machinery and, consequently, improve efficiency by selling its older machines to make way for new equipment. Materials are mainly secured locally in order to conserve resources with regards to logistics. The company’s two decades of consistent achievement is due to its exceptional customer service and reputation, flexible design process, pro-active approach to the market, and fast delivery. Having highly qualified, experienced and well equipped staff is regarded by the organisation as the key to its success, and the staff’s attitude towards customers demonstrates how implementing a management policy based on employee and management individual responsibility for product quality can benefit a company immeasurably.

To enable it to operate at the highest level and optimise its proficiency, Wropol closely co-operates with scientific research and development centres such as the Institute of Machine Construction and Operation at Wroclaw University of Technology, the Polish Federation of Engineering Associates, and the Precision Engineering Institute in Warszawa. This acquired knowledge allows Wropol to continuously and thoroughly improve its products and services, which helps it to meet its customers’ ever demanding requirements, and maintain its market leading position.

The company’s primary market is Poland though future plans include expansion into Western Europe, including the British Isles and the Benelux countries, and applying an intensive marketing plan to achieve this goal in the coming years. This strategy has already included attending various exhibits, conventions, trade fairs and symposiums with the intention of raising the company’s profile prior to entering new markets. In order to meet international standards, Wropol is currently looking to co-operate with partners in Europe and other continents on the implementation of projects, which will aid in sustaining the business in the future. In view of its highly regarded status and esteemed reputation, Wropol’s expansion is set to benefit the company and confirm its ability to provide hydraulic parts and hydraulic power systems for machines and units with PLC control of the utmost quality for a variety of applications.

Wropol Engineering
Products: Hydraulic cylinders, valves and equipment
Sites: Poland
Employees: 80