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Threaded by history

With a history streatching back close to 90 years, Bischoff Textil AG is today a leading name in the global embroidery industry Bischoff Textil AG

‘‘Bischoff Textil was founded in St.Gallen, Switzerland in 1927 during a rather difficult time for the Swiss embroidery business, however the company founders believed in the potential of the industry and in only a short time this belief was proved to be justified,” reveals the COO of Bischoff Textil, David Rygula. “Today the company operates on a global level with both customers and agents on every continent. During 1994 for example, Bischoff Textil opened its first production plant in Thailand, representing an important expansion of the business. We have also built another factory in Sri Lanka, which allows us to provide our customers with well-known Bischoff quality at very attractive prices.”

Throughout its history Bischoff Textil has developed a strong presence within its traditional markets inside of France, Italy, USA and Germany, while today the company is further developing its presence in new markets within China and beyond. Bischoff Textil serves a broad base of clients, which is comprised of lingerie-manufacturers, outerwear companies and producers of specialist products globally. Its clients include leading names such as Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Versace, Chloé or Armani, as well as wholesale stockists around the world.

Key to the success of Bischoff Textil is the company’s ability to follow and understand both generational and industry changes, which enables the business to continually develop its market strategies and adopt new trends accordingly. This is supported by the use of modern and industryleading manufacturing equipment that enables Bischoff Textil to operate flexibly with regards to industry demands for both delivery and quality. To further drive this efficiency the company also continually invests into new technology, including single-frame machines, to give the business a leading edge in the market. “We manufacture our embroideries on schiffli machines from both Lässer and Saurer. Just as important is the fact that we use the same machines across all of our manufacturing facilities; this allows us to be very flexible in being able to switch production from one factory to another according to the needs of our clients,” David elaborates. “We constantly observe the progress of technology in the field of embroidery and are therefore keen to work closely with the manufacturers of stitching machines and the like. We understand the growing importance of being flexible during the production process; therefore single-frame machines have and will continue to grow in importance. This trend has already influenced the company’s decisions when it comes to the renewal of its manufacturing setup.”

With a long and well-established history of manufacturing within the embroidery market, Bischoff Textil has developed a proven reputation for quality and innovation across a number of product applications. This has allowed the business to forge strong relationships with clients within a broad base of industries all over the world. “We are not just active in the field of lingerie and outerwear – we are also presently actively pushing several specialised projects. For example we are proud to say that we were recently able to work with the leading watch manufacturer, Hublot, where one of our designs was used in the company’s ‘Big Bang’ series and we do not intend to stop there and we are trying to penetrate other fields as well. Embroidery is a very exclusive product that can be tailored to suit whatever level of exclusivity is requested. There are many possibilities and we are more than willing to push and stretch existing boundaries,” David says. “Creativity is considered to be a key factor for us and we endeavour to offer our designers everything they need to live up to their full creative potential. Furthermore we do not want to inhibit the creative process once our designs have been created, instead we are willing to also involve and influence the designers of our customers. The overall aim of the company is to work on the best solutions for our customers and to do so together with them.”

During the coming 12 months and beyond Bischoff Textil will continue to focus on improving its manufacturing processes as well as offering an affirmative environment for its employees. The company will also ensure that it further builds on its existing strengths so that it is able to continue to deliver innovative solutions to the needs of the embroidery industry and its clients. “We are a well-known company with established values and a long tradition combined with thewill to innovate, which is something that defines our business. We understand that the market moves faster than it has done in the past and our ability to adapt gives us a significant competitive edge in the industry. We currently see potential on a global level and are increasingly interested in new markets such as India or Iran. Thanks to our improved manufacturing processes, we are able to offer high-quality products at competitive prices, which greatly enhances our potential in our current and future markets,” David concludes. “The embroidery sector, as well as the textile market in general, is indeed very challenging – but challenging does not necessarily mean difficult. Everything depends on a company’s ability to adapt and we feel the market has several opportunities rather than threats.”

Bischoff Textil AG
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