Boosting Workplace Productivity with Anti-Fatigue Matting

. A study by Loughborough University found that serious discomfort occurs after just 90 minutes of standing, but long-term effects cause permanent damage to the body, including musculoskeletal disorders, something 470,000 workers in the UK suffer from.[1]

This is why Anti-Fatigue Mats are often used in industrial and manufacturing settings. By providing a soft surface to stand on, these mats help to alleviate some of the stresses on the lower limbs, improving comfort for the workers. Employers can benefit from these mats, too, as users have measured reduced absenteeism and gains in productivity.

In an independent study carried out in 2015, 75% of businesses that used Anti-Fatigue Matting said they found an overall improvement in staff well-being, along with 44% of respondents who considered the matting to have a positive effect on productivity. 23% of users also confirmed that absenteeism had reduced as a result of using anti-fatigue mats.[2]

Anti-Fatigue Mats not only reduce the aches and pains in muscles and joints but also help to improve blood circulation. The soft texture of the mats encourages small muscle movements in the lower legs, which pump blood back to the heart through a process known as the venous pump. The result is higher energy levels, better alertness and better productivity.

If you’re looking for a way to improve comfort and productivity in your manufacturing or industrial setting, consider using Anti-Fatigue Mats. Not only will they help to keep your workers healthy and happy, but they may also lead to increased output and profits.