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Breaking new ground

Exceptional quality products and global deliverance has cemented Dinex’s role as a world market leader in the manufacture of exhaust and emission systems

Preferred partner to the OEM industry Dinex AS has become a leading global manufacturer and distributor of innovative engineered exhaust and emission control products and solutions since its inception in 1982. Today the Denmark headquartered group is present in 16 countries and four continents across the world, which ensures a logistically beneficial, close working relationship for customers wherever they are in the language they speak.

As a complete system provider, the Dinex scope of supply includes everything from turbo to tailpipe, with an impressive 95 per cent of all products manufactured in-house. Products include decouplings, diesel injection modules, insulation techniques, pipe bending, diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), diesel particulate filters (DPF), urea injections, mixers, flow plates, SCR catalysts and ejector pipes. In fact, the company has a constantly growing portfolio of more than 20,000 part numbers and complete systems. By mainly manufacturing in-house, the ISO 9001 and TS16959 certified firm can maintain optimum levels of quality and efficiency and deliver its systems with confidence. Moreover, it means Dinex can innovate, integrate and manufacture each exhaust emission system in co-creation with the customer to ensure satisfaction every time.

Indeed, with right first time, on-time delivery imperative to the success of its customers, the company has not only developed a close relationship with clients, but has also invested in advancing production methods that not only reduce the risk of human factors but also ensure high levels of repeated output. Core processes include the in-house production of ceramics, coating and metal forming, while designs that optimise durability reduce the use of weldings and joints, which thus increases the lifetime of products. With modern production equipment readily available in its lean and flexible factories, the company is able to quickly and efficiently find solutions for its many customers, while its state-of-the-art, in-house research and development department enables new production methods and concepts to be created.

The most recent example of Dinex’s capabilities is the game changing Eminizer technology platform, which can reduce the geometrical size, weight and cost of your exhaust system and is being integrated as a full system, manufactured from turbo to tailpipe. Integration is possible with any dosing system available on the market today and through the Dinex holistic approach of full system supply, the adaptation of algorithms and control units into the system is professionally addressed both on the software side and the hardware side within its experienced engineering teams.

Key to this new invention is High-Porous Silicon Carbide (DiSiC-HP), which makes up 65 per cent of the material within the Eminizer; this material is unique, not only in its ability to combine the Dinex multi functional coating in particulate retention on mass and number, but also as NOx reduction in one and the same unit. This allows for low backpressure and high thermal stability in design as well as up to 40 per cent reduced geometry in comparison to similar cordierite materials. On top of this, the weight per litre is reduced in comparison to the cordierite technologies in the market today and used in most EURO VI applications; it has been thoroughly tested through ESC, ETC and WHTC runs for emission compliance and durability.

This way of operating not only cements Dinex’s role as a leader in innovative exhaust and emission systems and solutions, but also offers competitive advantages to customers. However, the most modern equipment and facilities are nothing without an expert team of competent and dedicated employees, which is why Dinex has also invested significant amounts into engineering. With more than 1000 dedicated personnel in production as well as in sales and marketing, understanding the needs of customers is the biggest task that Dinex continues to address. These strengths have led to the company developing a strong reputation and becoming the preferred OEM supplier for global and local customers in the truck, bus, construction and agricultural industries.

Furthermore, following ten years of investment in the research and development of emission control technologies, Dinex has earned a Tier 4/Euro 6 benchmark and is today the only exhaust and emission supplier in the world to develop and supply substrates and coatings for a complete after treatment system. This commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of future trends is certain to serve the company well as emission regulations come into effect and increasing numbers of customers realise the benefits of a high quality Dinex system.

In line with anticipated demand, Dinex has focused on expansion over recent months, with a new innovative production line officially opened in May 2015 at Dinex Ecocat Oy as well as a new site in China and an extension at its Turkish plant for the manufacture of pipes for heavy duty trucks both currently in development. The new line in Finland will be used for the production of the substrates and coating for the Eminizer emission technology platform, which makes it possible to reduce the size and weight of the exhaust emission at the truck by 50 per cent. The technology will also be used in the large engine industry under the brand name Modulizer.

Following these investments and developments, Dinex will have further strengthened its role as a leading manufacturer of turnkey emission systems and catalyst substrates of all types as it strives to make the world a cleaner, greener place through the provision of pioneering products and optimised systems.

Dinex AS
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