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Ploughing ahead

Celebrating 60 years in the business in 2016, Duun Industrier has developed a solid reputation in the market for its range of machinery thanks to its motto of making ordinary things unusually well

Beginning operations in the former ‘people’s housing’ in Branndalen, Duun Industrier was established in 1956 by husband and wife Even and Lilly Duun who saw opportunities in the agricultural market. Focused on the development of items for agricultural use such as potato planters, potato harvesters and repair work, the company enjoyed steady growth and the old community building was extended and refurbished, which enabled further product development. Shortly after, a big chain drive excavator was built from rejected World War II material that was brought from various dealers in the Trondheim area. Because these materials were of high quality, the excavator boasted high performance, which resulted in a boosted reputation and growth for Duun Industrier.

In 1956 income from ditching was approximately 9000 euros, which enabled further product development for the agricultural sector and the launch of the first safety frame for tractors in 1961; this was swiftly followed by a light version cab being available in 1962. Following further diversification in the products and service offers, the company’s turnover passed 200,000 euros in 1967, which resulted in a relocation to Asen to enable further growth in a modern plant.

“Our first industrial product was safety frames for agricultural tractors; a product that came to a complete stop in 1982 when tractor manufacturers began making the cabs themselves, which resulted in market shares dropping from 100 per cent to zero per cent overnight. Cabins and fork lifts replaced some of this volume and a close co-operation with Moxy articulated dump trucks developed during the 80’s and we also developed some tractor implements in order to compensate for lost turnover,” explains John Erik Duun, CEO of Duun Industrier AS.

The following decade saw the company developing slurry pumps in collaboration with a specialist in hydraulics and tooling, which led to optimised design and performance. The pumps were an immediate success and gained a big market share in Norway, however, the company’s growth was hindered in 2002 when Moxy began to manufacture all of its components mainly in the Baltic States. “Because of this, we decided to develop various implement machines under the Duun brand, which ensured a market share regardless of the decisions made by customers or dealers,” says John. “Today we develop a range of products that includes snow blowers, sand spreaders, firewood processors, slurry propelling systems for our core customer base that includes the Norwegian Case New Holland distributor, LMB Sweden and Oehler Maschienen. We also have big subcontract customers that mostly buy customised sheet metal parts.”

Operating within a 9000 square metre facility that is used for both warehousing and manufacturing, John says the company has remained true to its founders by continuing to focus on innovation: “From day one we had focused on innovations in three dimensions: product design, materials that contribute to improved product functions and manufacturing systems contributing to reduced costs and improved quality.”

Another way the company has enhanced its product range is through the utilisation of high tensile steel quality for its products, which has taken place since the year 2000. “This ensures that our products can withstand much more strain before they become damaged; this is important for most of our products since they are subject to more intense use.”

To ensure optimum quality and reliability, products are manufactured at the company’s factory through automatic processes for sheet metal work, machining, welding and surface treatment. The company also applies its own manufactured key components in order to secure the best possible operation and quality of its products. Automated welding is available 24/7 and the company recently finished the installation of its new FMS welding plant that comes complete with fully automated internal transportation of objects for storing and welding, which thus ensures perfect welding quality and a far more cost-effective process.

Examples of new products due to be launched in 2016 include the snow blower model TF265 with hydraulic operated auger screw, which optimises tractor resources and reduces complications. The hydraulic drive for the feeding screws ensures an easy disconnection at overloads; the screw can also be reversed for cleaning, which means no safety bolts need to be replaced.

With sand spreaders also due to be updated and adopted for the company’s FMS plant and flail mowers due to be launched in 2017, Duun Industrier is certain to remain busy over the coming years as it maintains a focus on innovation and continued growth, as John concludes: “Our main vision is to ensure growth so we have the turnover to justify the costs for overall development. However, in the short term, we are committed to the establishment of new management and the improvement of process systems; we will also be establishing a more systematic market activity and bringing our ERP system to a higher level that ensures less paperwork and more precise information.”

Duun Industrier AS
Products: Tractor implements and machines for agriculture and snow markets