Inciner8 International Ltd.

Red-hot ambition

Delivering close to 15 years of demonstrated incineration solutions across the world, Inciner8 represents an inflammatory success that continues to establish itself within new markets

The development of Inciner8 began during 2004 when the company’s Founder and present day Chairman, Vincent Ferguson, established the business and quickly developed high levels of interest from industry players. These clients operated within applications including animal by product, medical and general municipal waste streams. During the subsequent years Inciner8 has grown into a trusted supplier of incineration and waste to fuel solutions to a diverse group of clients based all over the world. “When the company first started trading the main customers of Inciner8 were derived of farmers operating exclusively within the UK,” explains International Sales Director, Ghazi Sadledin. “That was a little over ten years ago and since that time demand in our products has drastically increased. This has in turn led to the company receiving and responding to requests from operational spheres including medical, hazardous, industrial and general waste and clients based across the globe. Today around 90 per cent of the company’s business is located within international markets, while the remaining ten per cent of our output remains within the UK farming industry.”

During the course of its history Inciner8 has developed a close relationship with many of its clients across a host of waste disposal applications, which has enabled the company to earn a leading reputation for responding rapidly to emergency situations. This can extend to everything from providing replacement units to address equipment failure to delivering critical waste disposal applications for medical use in the wake of sudden accidents or other hazardous events. “A lot of our current business is based on delivering emergency solutions to different parts of the world. Recent examples include the provision of equipment to aid local communities and authorities in the wake of the earthquakes in Haiti and in containing the Ebola crisis in Western Africa,” Ghazi details. “Indeed, following the outbreak of the Ebola virus that occurred during 2014, West African nations were presented with an urgent need for damage limitation options. We were able to provide incinerators that were used as an emergency solution to burn the bodies of victims, as well as infected clothing and bedding. These incinerators were primarily designed for use within the medical industry, but were able to complete the task at hand despite the challenging circumstances.”

Taking onboard this recent experience in delivering equipment to address demanding and critical applications, the Inciner8 team decided to develop a specialised system for the purpose of human incineration. The result was the creation of a unique solution that is fully mobile and housed within a standard shipping container, which means that units can be delivered to any location around the world within a week. Inciner8 has an in-depth understanding of the complexities of operating incineration equipment in remote locations, where fuel resources may be in short supply or even absent altogether. This has led to the development of solar powered incinerators, which can be rapidly deployed and maintained with a minimum of resources. “We have a lot of incinerators that are delivered to desert locations, third-world countries and other regions with very limited fuel sources. The solar powered incinerators that Inciner8 has developed for these environments are 99 per cent factory assembled, meaning that the units only require very basic fitting and installation on site,” Ghazi says. “In terms of physical resources our clients need to ensure the availability of electricity or diesel fuel to power machines, however with the solar concept we can eliminate the need for any resources at all so that units can be simply deployed and all that is required is manpower.”

The continued innovation of Inciner8 in the field of product development and international project delivery has led to the business achieving high levels of industry acclaim, which was demonstrated by the receipt of a Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2013. This was further bolstered by the additional presentation of a Queen’s Award for Innovation and the company’s second Queen’s Award for International Trade during 2016. “To have won three Queen’s Awards in the space of five years is something that we are incredibly proud of. We are a relatively small company based in Southport with only 17 employees, yet we are the only incinerator company to have received a Queen’s Award. This is something that is quite unique and very important to us,” Ghazi says.

Throughout the rest of 2017 and beyond the management team at Inciner8 are keen to build on the company’s current momentum. It will achieve this by continuing to utilise its proven reputation and diverse product base to take advantage of new market opportunities around the world. “Much of the company’s strength is derived from the fact that we can provide a strong level of service. We are excellent at forecasting market requirements and are a relatively cash rich business, which helps us to maintain high levels of stock, as well as to ensure a rapid response to the needs of our customers,” Ghazi concludes. “When we send incinerators out to clients we do not simply deliver the unit and move on to the next operation, rather we provide a service package that can last for between ten and 20 years. During the next three to five years we would like to extend this by proving a service in which we deliver a incinerator to the required site and continue to run the equipment on behalf of the customer. We have the resources to implement this solution and are now focused on finding the right partners and opportunities.”

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