Global Launch of Falkenhahn AG’s WORLD CombiLog Pallet

Combining strengths

As the exclusive licensee of the WORLD pallet, Falkenhahn AG anticipates global demand with its groundbreaking new product, the WORLD CombiLog

Operating as one of the largest manufacturers of pallets in Germany, Falkenhahn AG has grown over the last 84 years by constantly maintaining tradition and innovation in equal measure. Indeed, one major example of this within the small and medium-sized family enterprise took place in 2008 when, after 16 years of successful production of the EPAL pallets, Falkenhahn AG set the course for a new future by changing to the WORLD pallet.

A brand name for reusable pallets in the Europallet format, WORLD is an interesting alternative to the conventional EPAL pallet that also ensures more competition in the pallet market. Established with the vision to create a global standard for pool pallets under uniform dimensions and to improve international movements between the European, American and Asian continents, WORLD brand 800 x 1200 mm Europallets are used in all sectors of industry, trade and logistics. Known as the pallet of the future, WORLD brand is a global market player that provides a product with constant and irreproachable quality guidelines.

As the exclusive licensee of the WORLD pallet, Falkenhahn AG recently launched the WORLD CombiLog pallet at LogiMAT 2017, the 15th international trade fair for distribution, materials handling and information flow. Taking place from the 14th -16th March, LogiMAT set new standards as the biggest annual intralogistics exhibition in Europe, where international exhibitors and decision makers from industry, trade and the service sector came together at the new exhibition at Stuttgart Airport. With a focus on innovative products, solutions and systems for procurement, warehouse, production and distribution logistics, Falkenhahn AG’s WORLD CombiLog was in good company as Falkenhahn AG provided daily live demonstrations to interested potential clients. Together with the AIM industry (Industry Association for Automatic Identification (AutoID), Data Acquisition and Mobile Data Communication), Falkenhahn AG has presented several current AutoID industry events within the scope of the Tracking & Tracing Theater.

The WORLD CombiLog integrates three tried and tested technologies into fully automatic serial production of the 800 x 1200 mm Europallets; these are temperature loggers, shock loggers and RFID transponders. Through WORLD CombiLog, an economical combination solution for a product-friendly logistics chain is offered to the market of sophisticated quality logistics for the first time. By combining RFID communication and merchandise management systems with the monitoring of the temperature profile in addition to vibrations and tendencies of the pallet and load, the WORLD CombiLog is a pallet that is particularly important in quality logistics. One example of where the product offers strong benefits is to customers transporting foodstuffs, where a completely cold chain is often required and items can be separated by vibrations; the pharmaceutical industry also benefits from WORLD CombiLog as items can be spoiled by over/under temperatures and leaks from too much tilt. Moreover, electronics can be damaged by rough impacts and outside their storage temperature, fragile, precious works are at risk once they leave their required climate. With consignors, logisticals and receivers viewing quick and easy compliance with prescribed temperatures and vibration-free transports, the WORLD CombiLog range is a must-have product for those requiring efficient and high quality transportation.

Further strengthening the combination monitoring with identification function is the tamper-resistance data logger, which documents and monitors data that are then automatically read out by RFID and assigned to the load. Aspects include the installation and return of attached loggers, protected sensors close to the load, remote control and readout via RFID and several pallet stacks that are simultaneously readable and programmable.

On top of this, WORLD CombiLog offers easy handling and fast proof of transport through the installation of RFID hardware for automated tracking and tracing of the pallet and load, while also measuring and saving both the temperature on the loaded pallet as well as its vibrations and vibration tendencies. Additionally, up to now, on the one hand tagging was necessary to identify the cargo, which needs the pallets, plus a Thermo-logger and a Shock-Logger, as well as their subsequent removal. With the new WORLD CombiLog pallet, these processes are now summarised: thepallet does not only contain the RFID hardware for automated tracking and tracing of pallet and load, but it also measures and saves both the temperature on the loaded pallet and its vibrations and vibrations tendencies. By loadingWORLD CombiLog pallets, sensitive cargoes are equipped with the necessary tagging and logging hardware and ‘married’. Later, this hardware is easily returned with the pallet return. When the pallet circuits are closed, a considerable savings potential can be achieved even during handling, not only in the case of avoided damage.

Complementing Falkenhahn AG’s groundbreaking new product at LogiMAT 2017 was a presentation on the topic of the Europallet exchange pool. Taking place on the European Market of Europallets (800 x 1200 mm) among companies in the trade and industry sector, as well as logistics and Europallet service providers over recent years, the implemented pool until now didn’t have any clear regulations and rules for the exchange of Europallets; providing the clear vision to any Europallet that satisfies quality standards, the international standardisation organisation GS1 Germany has, according to a consensus agreement with representatives of all involved sectors, summarised the applicable standards/ rules and agreed on the criteria which were reflected in the type description “Flat Pallets made of Wood (800×1200 mm)” for GS1 Germany Asset Type 99993.

The definite criteria for said GS1 Germany type description of Europallets includes, first and foremost, that the Europallet complies with DIN EN 13698-1, which is the standard for the production process that regulates pallet dimensions. Moreover, the quality of new pallets should be ensured in the manufacturing process and self-monitoring of the pallet manufacturer, external monitoring should be ensured by an independent, external certification organisation, production and repair are carried out in factories licensed by the Europallet organisation; used pallets are classified in accordance with the well-known GS1 Germany -poster and that the pallets suitable for use are recyclable in accordance with BGR 234/ProdSG.

Because classified, used pallets can be exchanged freely in the open exchange pool, there are three popular trademarks that meet the aforementioned standards: EPAL, UIC and WORLD. Since the pallets of the EPAL, UIC and WORLD brands fulfill these criteria, they are equivalent in the sense of the GS1 Germany Asset Type 99993. There is therefore no obstacle to the exchange of usable pallets of these three brands. Individual pallet organisations and brand owners have no influence on the pallet exchange in the open pool. The pallet exchange is thus subject to the self-regulation of the market.

Because WORLD pallets have free access alongside brands such as UIC and EPAL, these trademarks compete with one another through the clearly defined requirements for Europallets. As such, monopoly structures are broken between the different brands of Europallets and the increased competition of brands goes on to offer advantages and economic benefits for Europallet customers/users. These include more cost-effective procurement of pallets at the same level of quality and easier handling, which thus results in higher profitability.

According to a study by EKUPAC GmbH on reusable transport packaging in 2016, the use of reusable pallets in the European goods transportation market has grown in the last 15 years from 280 million units to 550 million units. Viewed as indispensable, the reusable pallet market is particularly strong in Germany, with approximately 100 million wooden pallets circulating annually. With Falkenhahn AG continuing to deliver high quality, innovative solutions such as WORLD CombiLog to its diverse customer base, this market is certain to grow exponentially as more companies realise the benefits of transporting products via world-class pallets.

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