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Niton UK is the sole UK distributor for Thermo Scientific Niton XRF analysers, which have become an essential tool in providing non-destructive testing of elements across a number of applications

Since 1999, Niton UK has carved out an enviable reputation as the exclusive distributor and service provider for Thermo Scientific Niton X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysers throughout the UK and Ireland, to manufacturers and regulatory bodies in a range of industries, including petrochemicals, aerospace, mining, environmental and materials reprocessing. New additions to Niton UK’s range of instruments are the ChemLite laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analysers, the PolyMax laser plastics analyser manufactured by TSI in the United States, and the SpectroScout XRF benchtop analyser by Ametek Spectro.

“Niton UK’s analysers are the go-to portable instruments for non-destructive testing in the field, and can detect elements ranging from sodium to uranium,” explains Managing Director, Malcolm Sibbald. “With XRF, users can identify and quantify precisely and easily the elements present in a material, whether it be an alloy, pure metal, ceramic, non-metal or composite, and whether bulk material or a coating. Simple to use, Niton XRF instruments have the latest advanced design features. Silicon drift detectors improve speed and resolution, and by optimising the position of the detector relative to the sample, they operate reliably at the lowest limits of detection.”

All year round, the company exhibits at a whole host of different exhibitions and conferences around the UK and Ireland, and will be doing so again at the Advanced Materials Show (AMS) – co-located with Ceramics UK (CUK) – at The International Centre, Telford, on 10th and 11th July 2019. “Wherever we see an interesting opportunity, where Niton analysers can help engineers, researchers or regulators do their jobs better, we are there,” enthuses Niton UK General Manager, John Hurley. “At AMS/CUK, we will be showcasing a new, more robust analyser, the Niton XL2 Plus, which was launched last autumn. Ideal for the toughest industrial and field environments, it is a powerful, hand-held instrument for identifying electronic alloys, aerospace alloys, general metal alloys, precious metals, plastics, hazardous materials and mineral ores. Niton UK invites manufacturers to try an analyser at our stand number 1721.”

The Niton XL2 Plus gives immediate, accurate results, non-destructively, in a refinery, scrapyard, foundry, factory, field, or wherever material analysis is needed. It enables engineers to identify alloys precisely, recyclers to find value in waste and geologists to map mining deposits reliably.

In 2019, Niton UK will be adding more laser-based instruments to its products range. It has built close relationships with global instrument manufacturers Thermo Fisher Scientific and TSI Inc. to distribute their portable laser-induced breakdown spectrometers. Niton UK also has plans to run a roadshow later in the year to showcase its hand-held analysers, which are proving indispensable to aerospace engineers. “After nearly 20 years analysing materials, and having sold over 2300 instruments, Niton UK’s light shines ever brightly as it expands its sales force, and diversifies into new materials and business partnerships,” Malcolm concludes.

Niton UK
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