Revere Control Systems

Revere Control Systems specializes in electrical instrumentation and controls (I&C) and automation with the capability of performing a turnkey design/build project for its clients. As an expert in the electrical and automation markets, the company helps its clients increase capacities, improve time to market, optimize their assets and meet regulatory requirements.

“We engineer and deliver industrial automation systems and solutions concentrating on the water, mining, metals, oil and gas, forest products and non-woven industries,” says Greg Graves, vice president of business development. “The scope of our services includes everything from engineering to design and managing a project completely through the development, installation and commissioning.”

As a vertically integrated firm, Revere Control Systems is able to work with its clients from concept through start-up. “We are specialists in the areas we operate in,” Graves says. “Rather than having to rely on others, we are able to vertically integrate the I&C by using our own resources and capabilities that exist in-house. We are adept at staying on schedule because we maintain direct control of almost every deliverable on the project.”

The company is headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., and has satellite offices throughout the southeastern United States. All manufacturing is performed at its headquarters while the salespeople report to its satellite offices. “We like to say that ‘we are engineered to serve,’” the company says.

Customized Solutions

Revere Control Systems believes the key to successful automation and control system integration projects is its more than three decades of experience in the markets it serves. “We don’t have a product line we build over and over,” Graves explains. “We have a set of customers that we are integrated with who build mechanical apparatuses and we operate as the electrical and control department for many of these companies.”

The company works closely with its customers to interpret specifications so that their projects are a success. “We will do all the work-up and pricing that supports the sales effort they are undertaking; and if they are successful in bidding a project, we do all the design, development, testing and delivery of the product to the field,” Graves says. “We often are responsible for the installation of the system and the commissioning of that system.”

With its high level of expertise in the industry, Revere Control Systems says its value-add capabilities set it apart in the manufacturing process. “We have a lot of deep subject matter expertise in the areas we serve, so we can pretty nimbly adjust to the different needs that the industry or spec or client might have us look at,” Graves explains. “Because we are vertically integrated, we can build in some design efficiencies just by virtue of the fact that we are working with the same client in the same way.”

The company increases efficiency by anticipating its customers’ needs, which is a direct result of its longstanding partnerships. “We are in sync with our clients and can drive efficiencies because of the familiarity we have with each other and bring to bear in subject matter expertise, and also familiarity with various technologies that are applicable,” Graves says.

Revere Control Systems developed its own proprietary software that was designed to further collaboration among the company and its customers. “When a customer works with us they can use our software to see the status of their project throughout the manufacturing process,” Graves explains. “Everything is included there from photos of the product to quality control checks and the specs of how the product was built to keep as a reference point. This tool also drives efficiency.”

Investing to Succeed

Revere Control Systems recently invested in upgrading its training program. “We have an automated approach to learn at your own pace and we can assign the training someone is to complete,” Graves says. “We have invested a lot in the specific types of training someone might need to do their job in manufacturing. There is quite a bit of investment made in creating training tools that are on demand.”

As the company continues to grow, creating a workplace people want to be part of is key to attracting new employees. Revere Control Systems strives to create a collegial and positive professional environment that supports collaboration and continued skills development.

Revere Control Systems is also looking to employ more military veterans because the positions it hires for demand discipline. The company also offers co-op programs for students in degree-granting programs.

“Those who have the same sense of values and purpose in them that we have in us we can train and get them to learn what they need to execute the job,” Graves adds. “We recruit, train and do our performance reviews based on matching our core values.”

Part of its positive work environment includes a focus on safety. “We have invested a lot in being a safe workplace and making sure we are the safest contractor our customers have,” Graves says. “We will focus on integrating safety into the machines. We will continue to differentiate ourselves by delivering safe solutions and being the best-in-class, full scope system integrator that we can be.”

Turnkey Solutions

Moving forward, Revere Control Systems expects to continue to see an increase in demand for automation and turnkey solutions with motor and process controls. The company also sees an increased demand for special enclosures like its E-Houses, which are dedicated control room buildings that can be moved as associated operations and equipment moves.

Revere Control Systems says it will not only provide value to its customers by being a one-stop design/build shop, but also by offering whole data management. “It’s not just the collection of data but the synthesizing of data into actionable information and I see us having a need to grow into that space,” Graves says. “Having the ability to analyze information that allows our customers to automatically make a better decision and [which] gives the users/operators more information on which decisions will make them more money is where the industry is headed.”