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Wemhöner, originating from Herford in Germany, is a global market-leading manufacturer of machines and equipment that deliver finishing and processing solutions for wood products, primarily for the furniture production industry.

The company has over 80 years of competence in providing system solutions for veneer, foil, laminate and decorative film laminations mainly for the furniture industries and their suppliers, that can be used on products such as furniture components, parquet flooring, doors, panel and lightweight building components.

In 2006, Wemhöner announced a turnover of 90 million euros, and the aim within the next two years is to break the 100 million euro threshold. The company was founded in 1925 by Heinrich Wemhöner, and began life as a trade shop. Steadily, Wemhöner has expanded its competencies, which in turn has allowed expansion into burgeoning global market areas. In 2007, the company opened a new facility in Changzhou, China.

More than 300 guests celebrated this significant development on June 8th at the new plant. Around 140 German delegates, including official representatives of the German government, attended the Changzhou site, with guests also travelling from the USA, Turkey, Britain, Italy, Singapore, and Malaysia. This Chinese factory covers an area of 3000 square metres, and is equipped with almost $4.5 million worth of Wemhöner machines and production lines. The Changzhou development employs actually around 40 people, and expands the company’s global operations, as well as dealing with demand from vital Asian markets.

The brand new offices and factory combine European architecture with a sense of Chinese aesthetics, to create a pleasant and vibrant atmosphere in which to work. The emphasis of Wemhöner’s influence in China is to spread the belief in developing well-trained, highly motivated employees who are dedicated to making the company’s vision a reality. Changzhou is producing the 3D Eagle machine, which is a standard component for 3D lamination, for value-adding technological solutions to wood based panels. The main application this machine is used in is providing PVC, PET, ABS, veneer, Linoleum and Kydex surface solutions.

Wemhöner’s Chinese expansion underlines the company’s emphasis upon technology, quality, and innovation within everything it does. Wemhöner prides itself in working closely with customers in providing solutions to their customer’s surface finishing needs. Indeed, the company has set the industry standard of short-cycle and throughfeed press lines, 3D Variopress systems, and lightweight panel equipment, as well as an array of recently developed direct printing and lacquering equipment. With decades of engineering experience, combined with technological innovation and expertise, Wemhöner guarantees customers optimal production processes. The company offers a range of 3D applications for furniture fronts, which can give products a character or particular look from a number of eras or styles. Machining has reduced the need for extensive workmanship within the furniture industry, and adds newfound freedom in the designing of furniture fronts.

Wemhöner’s Variopress technology is used in conjunction with the company’s extensive knowledge of finishing techniques and pressing methods, many of which have been patented and in turn become industry standards. Variopress machines produced by Wemhöner have high flexibility regarding the use of substrates and laminating materials, as well as short set-up times, and high productivity standards for both small and large volumes. Equally, Variopress Basic 1000 and Plus models offer outstanding value for money, and are highly flexible individual units that are ideal for small volumes or single pieces, such as shop fittings or boat construction. These smaller-scale components can also be expanded, should demand or capability requirements increase. Variopress 2000 machines are designed to provide 3D applications for moderate capacity requirements, such as curved doors and veneer laminating. Finally, the Variopress Professional 3000 machine range combines the know-how of all 3D laminating technology, and has set a worldwide standard in the manufacturing of foil-laminated furniture elements, meeting high demands for both quality and capacity.

Wemhöner has become a market leader through its experience of consistently improving its technological quality and expertise. This is based on the detailed analysis of international market developments, constant optimisation of existing surface treatment methods, and the search for new techniques with potential and existing customers. At the company’s research and development department in its Herford headquarters, Wemhöner’s engineers work closely with customers, suppliers, and technical universities, in the experimentation of a wide range of surfaces and substrates of all shapes and sizes. The discovery that wood-based panels could be surfaced treated with melamine impregnated papers was first made in Germany at the end of 1960, and is nowadays a permanent fixture in the furniture and flooring industry. The company manufactures a range of short-cycle press lines that are completely designed, constructed, and assembled at Wemhöner’s facilities, and are ready to be installed instantly at customer’s site, worldwide.

For instance, the company is a market-leading provider of throughfeed presses, which use a wide range of materials in providing surface finishing solutions. This allows the customer to provide a lot of aesthetically pleasing different finishes for the end user, like modern, nostalgic, or straight styles. Therefore, the production facilities provided by Wemhöner aim at giving clients the necessary flexibility and efficiency, while maintaining high levels of quality. The company is also pleased to have recently announced the release of its Masterline printing service on surface finishes, which offers economical solutions for furniture manufacturers who require the capabilities of direct printing. Masterline technology combines high production capacities with low production costs. The process consists of roller application technology for lacquering, printing machinery for designing wood and potential decors, dryers, curers, and handling technology. Equally, the entire process is directed by the revolutionary MasterControl technology that offers total operation capabilities. The lacquering and direct printing line machines are modular, which allows easy potential integration into existing lacquering and finish lines.

The sheer range of services provided by Wemhöner has encouraged steady growth, built on a fine history of technological innovation and meeting the demands of customers and clients. Recent development of products and modular machinery solutions meet the modern requirements of customers in the furniture industry, the popularity of which has encouraged expansion into the company’s Changzhou facility. By continuing to emphasise the total commitment of its employees on ensuring the highest levels of quality within machinery and processes, Wemhöner is in a good position to meet its turnover expectations within the next years.

Wemhöner Surface Technologies

Products: Machines & equipment for finishing & processing solutions for wood products
Sites: Herford, Germany and Changzhou, China
Employees: 350