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Aqualisa Ltd has pioneered many of the ways in which UK showers have developed over the past few decades, something which it is continuing in the 21st century

Aqualisa Ltd has been supplying market-leading British showers to its customers since 1977 and its products utilise the latest digital shower technology to offer customers the best shower experience. The characteristic that Aqualisa has carried with it throughout its existence is innovation, finding new ways to approach the market and new designs that can harness the latest technology developments. Aqualisa understands that it is not just providing a shower, it is helping to build a home that is perfect for its customer, and that is why it places such importance on innovation and perfecting design.

The progress throughout the company’s history reinforces its commitment to being a leader in development within the industry, and CEO David Hollander provided details on this: “Since the outset of the business in 1977 the company began manufacturing its patented thermacoil shower valve. The thermacoil shower valve revolutionised shower design and manufacture – it’s a new way of controlling water temperature and flow. It is still a popular product in the Aqualisa portfolio. In 2001, Aqualisa patented another innovation, the first digital Smart shower, and this opened up a new category in the shower market. The company has continued to innovate since then, combining strong design values with advanced technology, supported by an outstanding customer service team also based in Westerham.”

In addition, Aqualisa has applied this culture of innovation to every product that it has manufactured, and is a key factor for how the company sets itself apart from competitors in the market. It offers something a bit more unique, a bit more advanced, and a bit more attuned to the customer’s home. Aqualisa is also proud to have fostered a good relationship with not only those that buy the product, but also those that install it, as David said: “We have made a point of collaborating with installers from the very beginning – offering free training and other incentives – and this has paid off in loyalty from a group with major influence on consumer purchasing decisions.”

The hard work that goes into an Aqualisa shower begins at the factory, which is where its UK-based design and developments team workhard to meet the high standards that Aqualisa sets itself. The facilities themselves have also been improved to help the business meet the demand for its products, and this has manifested through a re-organisation to achieve greater efficiency and flow of in and out-bound goods, as well as new signage, branding and a new website. This is a part of the company’s new marketing strategy to help get its message across to more customers, installers and specifiers, so they can see the full benefits and appeal of its products. As the website is often the first point of call for an interested customer, the ease of navigation and visual appearance can prove crucial to a sale. As part of this new approach Aqualisa also wanted to encapsulate its belief in having an authentic approach, and as such new videos about the company were filmed featuring Aqualisa staff. The variety of ways that the business has improved its marketing approach is diverse, however one final area that it gave particular focus to was the brand design, and on this David said: “We have clear bright new brand colours to reflect the Aqualisa passionate, empathic, bold and proud ‘personality’, re-designed display boards for bathroom showrooms, and new packaging featuring pictures of our product designers.”

As the company builds a personal engagement  with its customers, it once again helps to present a shower not as a product that is of pure functionality, but also as a key part of the home. The company is keen to promote the idea that a bathroom does not need to be a dull part of a customer’s house and can instead it can be an extension of its consumers own personal style. After all, the bathroom is considered by many as the priority after the kitchen, and as such Aqualisa is helping to make the bathroom the second heart of the home.

Of course, all of the marketing, and portfolio of previous shower successes does help to understand the culture and capabilities of the company, however to understand where it is now this must be taken in conjunction with its latest developments, of which there are many. These range from a bar valve mixer product that is aimed at the mid market, and within the past year it has also launched a number of well-received products, which David listed: “New designs in the electric shower category, Lumi™ and Sassi™; the standard mixer category, Midas and in Smart showers, Infinia™. Our focus has been to develop beautiful looking products that have market leading technology.” David continued: “We are also currently preparing two new major product launches for early 2017, including a market-changing new Smart shower, a particularly exciting launch which will be a major innovation in our sector.”

Looking at Aqualisa’s ethos and products combined proves that the company lives up to its values and its promises. It has helped to develop a number of the key modern shower innovations, and always designs its products with great attention to detail and quality. The conviction it has in the standard of shower that it manufactures is demonstrated by its offer of a five-year guarantee. Therefore, whether it’s the end customer, the installer, or the specifier, Aqualisa can be trusted to provide a shower designed from start to finish, and can bring a modern but beautiful shower to an important part of the home.

Aqualisa Ltd
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