InTiCa Systems AG

Customers come first

InTiCa is a reliable partner for the automotive industry, especially in the development and manufacturing of customised inductive components and assemblies

InTiCa Systems is a leading European supplier in the development, manufacturing and marketing of inductive components, passive analogue switching technology and mechatronic assemblies. The company operates in the automotive and industrial electronics industry. It intends to retain this prominent position by maintaining its high quality facilities, and its competitive edge in the market, while investing in an ambitious future.

An important factor for any manufacturing company is the facilities it possesses, and the strength of InTiCa’s was discussed by spokesman for the board of directors Gregor Wasle: “We are very proud to have facilities both nationally and internationally, and our technology and training centre, which was founded in 2015, is only a stone’s throw away from the headquarters. At these locations our highly qualified staff are constantly working on the development of new technologies. While our production facility in Prachatice (Czech Republic) has been transferred to a lean manufacturing during the last year including a considerable extension of the production area to concentrate on our plastic molding competence. Also, our plant in Silao (Mexico) was just recently founded in 2016. A small-scale serial production for customers in the automotive sector is scheduled to start at the end of October 2016, and start-up of a complete serial line scheduled for 2017.”

The company is a specialist in its field, and this is just one of many reasons that makes InTiCa so appealing to its customers, and Gregor stated: “All development steps are carried out adhering to the TS 16949 certification standards. The highly modern laboratory measuring technology ranges from the classic profile to measuring projector to the multi-sensor measuring equipment for capturing electromagnetic or geometric two and three-dimensional parameters. The focus is on electrical and mechanical design of customised inductance or assemblies in the most varied way. InTiCa offers ‘everything from a single source’ from development to manufacturing – from plastic injections, soldering, resistance welding, crimping, bonding, compound filling, winding, upright coiling and testing up to complex assembly.”

There are a number of ways that InTiCa has positioned itself as a leading company in its industry, and Gregor elaborated on some of the factors: “The company’s slogan which best describes what we do is ‘working together to realise visions’, we work in close collaboration with our customers to ensure there is a successful product. At first, there is an idea that is shared with InTiCa – and in order that it doesn’t just remain an idea we offer solutions. We take pride in the work of our excellent staff – they bring to each and every project many years of experience and expertise. There is also a mutual exchange and update on the development process as well as on new challenges – this is an essential step towards a successful project. Furthermore, the close contact with our customers allows us to discuss these issues and talk about future actions – the ultimate goal here is a satisfied customer who receives the product they asked for.”

In order to continuously meet the high standards that InTiCa sets itself it has made many investments, which Gregor provided an insight into: “Electrification and digitisation are global megatrends in the automotive industry in which InTiCa would like to have an even greater share in the future. As a specialist for the development and production of high-quality, customised induction components and mechatronic modules and systems solutions for industrial electronics, InTiCa will also benefit from growth as seen, for example, in the automation sector as a result of the digitalisation of industrial facilities. Industry 4.0 will play an important role for us.”

Gregor presented further positives of InTiCa that will continue to improve: “Our customers always take centre stage, from an initial idea to a new project, finally leading to innovative developments and customised solutions. Our own competent team of developers and manufacturing experts support customers in finding the most efficient solution for their individual requirements and developing their product ideas to innovative, marketable products.” Gregor continued: “InTiCa has proved itself as a reliable partner for different system suppliers in the automotive industry, especially in the development and manufacturing of tailored inductive components and assemblies. The portfolio offering includes custom-made solutions for electromobility, hybrid-technology, actuator engineering, driving and access authorisation systems, filters and safety technology. InTiCa is also a specialist in developing and manufacturing high-quality customised mechatronic modular and system solutions for industrial engineering.”

InTiCa has an extensive list of strengths – from its facilities, to its expertise, to its customer relationship, and it will continue to improve in areas such as lean production, sales growth, cost efficiency, quality, and expanding its global footprint. With all of this in place, and InTiCa keen to stay at the top of its game in all the most important places, no doubt the company will continue to build upon its strong position, and its customer base will continue to grow.

InTiCa Systems AG
Products: Customised solutions for electromobility, hybrid-technology, actuator engineering, driving and access authorisation systems, filters and safety technology