3Diligent web photo

3Diligent revolutionizes the rapid manufacturing industry by bringing customers and vendors together on one platform to meet both of their needs.

By Janice Hoppe

As technology continues to evolve, manufacturers no longer are bound by what they can handle in-house or by the capabilities of any one vendor. 3Diligent, in particular, offers them a single source to access the power of the market. “We have built a fantastic value proposition that customers are extremely happy about,” CEO Cullen Hilkene says. “3Diligent is much like Uber and Amazon – connecting demand and supply with the web for faster turnarounds and market-driven prices – but for industrial grade 3-D printing and rapid manufacturing.” 

Before founding the El Segundo, Calif.-based company, Hilkene was an experienced consultant and manager at Deloitte Consulting and was first exposed to 3-D printing more than five years ago. “At the time, the industry was just starting to consider production-grade plastics and metals,” he remembers.